Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ioannidis at MSU

These videos are from an interview I did with John Ioannidis when he visited Michigan State earlier this month. The whole thing (29 min) and more short clips are available here.

Is 85% of NIH funding wasted?

Early candidate gene studies rarely replicated, but GWAS hits do.

The flyer for his talk:


DK said...

Yes. 85% sounds too generous - it maybe above 90%. Ans it's mostly not NIH's fault. The waste is in the system that is being funded. The system that you and I are part of.

DK said...

Oh and about that arsenic claim: it did not take long time of two years. The paper clearly lacked proper controls and those who knew basic biochemistry immediately said that it's bullshit. That's a problem in academia - it is filled with people unfit to do science. Incompetence is everywhere.

mrquetiapine said...

Where's the deductive like thinking (Rene Descartes) for problems with too many confounders.

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