Monday, March 30, 2015

The rich (and powerful) are different

Discussions at the meeting I just attended are off the record, so I have nothing to report. But I will link to some previous posts of relevance:

Creators and Rulers

How the World Works

Educational background of US elites

A word cloud produced from the collective bios would feature: Harvard, Stanford, Goldman Sachs, Rhodes, Marshall, Venture, Private Equity, Acquired, IPO, Technology, Energy, SEALs, Family Office, White House, Society of Fellows, ...

My wife looked at the book of bios and concluded "You don't stand out."  8-/

See also Status-Income Disequilibrium.


Polynices said...

But was it fun and/or interesting? Worth your time?

steve hsu said...

Excellent meeting. Would definitely attend again. Attendees are very open to learning and discussion, which makes it different from other meetings of similar exclusivity. Discussions are all moderated, which improves quality significantly.

David Stern said...

Doesn't offer the record just mean you can't attribute specific comments to individuals?

Unknown said...

When the game ends, the king and pawns go to the same box. At least.

Bobdisqus said...

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