Sunday, June 03, 2012

12.87 110H in Eugene

The Nike Prefontaine Classic was in Eugene yesterday. The wife and kids went but I'm not that big on live sports. We'll have the Olympic trials here later in the summer.

Liu Xiang tied the world record at 12.87, but it was ruled wind-aided at +2.4m/s. This field was world class, only missing current world record holder Dayron Robles of Cuba. David Oliver, the US record holder, was a WR at Howard and is huge for a hurdler at around 200 lbs. Ashton Eaton, in lane 1, is a top decathlete who competed at U Oregon as a collegian. My kids got to play dodgeball with him a few years ago :-)

At the end of his victory lap Liu ends up among women competitors preparing for the start of the 3000m. He looks gigantic in comparison.


 I often run at Hayward Field, but not as fast :-(


David Coughlin said...

I wonder if he ever takes two steps instead of three when he is practicing. I'm glad to see his back after a couple of challenging years.

David Coughlin said...

 I just read Ashton Eaton's bests.  It amazes me that he can run 45.68 in the 400 *and* 4:15 in the 1500.

steve hsu said...

Actually I think 10.3/13.3/4:15 is the most impressive evidence of raw power/speed and endurance.

Nan Chen said...

It's good to see Liu back in shape. Liu is actually only a little taller than the average male world class 110 hurdler I think. Distance runners tend to be small people (about 5'2" for women and about 5'7" for men)

MtMoru said...

I wonder if Xiang proves how important technique is in the hurdles. He proportions and musculature seem atypical for a sprinter. But there may be no typical.

The fast twitch thing is a myth.  I was as fast as Asafa Powell at age 17, that is pretty slow, and as fast as Valery Borzov at 13, pretty slow again.

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