Friday, August 12, 2011

I love Jack Kirby

His crude but expressive drawing style and mythic sensibilities made him unique among early comic artists.

Silver Surfer #18 was the prize of my grade school comic book collection. It's the issue in which the Surfer first encounters Black Bolt and the Inhumans. Richard Gere's Jesse Lujack is seen reading it in the remake of Breathless (Godard's À Bout de Souffle).


Sith Master Sean said...

Yes, Jack Kirby is a demigod isn't he? I think his art appeals to savants especially because he was such a savant himself. Mishima, Kirby, Silver Surfer... Steve Hsu you have pretty good taste in art dude!

steve hsu said...

No love for Richard Gere and Jerry Lee Lewis? :-)

Steve said...

Most fun Richard Gere performance. 

And here's X's cover version of Jerry Lee Lewis's "Breathless" that played over the closing credits:

steve hsu said...

Nice! IIRC X was pretty big in the LA punk scene in the 80s :-)

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