Sunday, June 12, 2011

Foo 2011 photos

Opening dinner.

The scheduling scrum.


Make zone.

A schedule board.

Face board.

A session on Bitcoin. There seems to have been a bit of a crash today -- the dollar exchange rate went down to $8 from $28. Was there more rhetoric from Senator Schumer?

Outside camping.

Inside camping.

Geeks and booze.

Favorite quote of the day: "Startup CEOs are warm sociopaths."


LondonYoung said...

Bitcoin - the U.S. introduced legal tender federal banknotes in 1862.  By 1865 a law was passed to destroy competing state banknotes with a 10% transaction tax.  By 1933 merely possessing a gold coin (an alternative to the fiat currency) had become a crime.  Governments are rather fond of monopolizing money and will not hesitate to criminalize any meaningful threat to that monopoly.  The more credible the threat, the bigger the penalties will be ...

RKU1 said...

Interesting.  Based on the photos, it appears that Foo Camp has more inhabitants than all of Taiwan, and most of Mainland China as well...

David Coughlin said...

Did you talk business or research?

steve hsu said...

Both, of course :-)

dabacon said...

Bitcoin wallet hacked to tune of 1/2 million?

Bitcoin fascinates me for no other reason than it is a great source of insane arguments (depth of move for such arguments is about two steps, from my perspective.)

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