Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big pimpin'

You may have read recently about physics professor (Farleigh Dickinson University, NJ) David Flory's arrest in connection with a web site promoting prostitution.

What I don't understand is how sites like Seeking Arrangement (previous posts here and here) avoid this kind of attention from law enforcement. The fact that the arrangements are negotiated privately between users of the site may insulate SA, but surely the police could nab plenty of Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies in a sting operation.


botti said...

I guess the people on SA are not quite explicit enough that they are offering s8x for hire (although in some cases from that article you linked it seems pretty clear). 

"The term "prostitution" generally means the commission by a person of any natural or unnatural sexual act, deviate sexual intercourse, or sexual contact for monetary consideration or other thing of value.

New Mexico statute defining prostitution:

"Prostitution consists of knowingly engaging in or offering to engage in a sexual act for hire." http://definitions.uslegal.com/p/prostitution/

This explanation is offered in the NY Times article, but it seems slightly tenuous:

"Indeed, most go to considerable effort to distinguish between “sugar” and prostitution. (Legally, at least, they are right; since the 1970s, courts have ruled that as long as the woman is paid for some service besides sex — housecleaning, companionship — the arrangement is not the equivalent of prostitution.) They say being a sugar baby is no more an occupation than dating is, especially when the goal of dating is to find a rich boyfriend or a wealthy husband. ..."

Sabine Hossenfelder said...

I don't understand is why it's illegal to begin with. 

steve hsu said...

Neither does Professor Flory ;-)

David Stern said...

I wonder about porn movies. Seems they're legal to make in the US and they involve paying people to have sex.

steve hsu said...

Hey man, it's art.

Sabine Hossenfelder said...

Meanwhile elsewhere... 


Sam H said...

In a way, all men are johns and all women are whores. 
Whether or not women will admit it, women, especially those over 30, think about how much money a guy has, or will be able to get, before getting into a relationship with him. I will point out that guys like Trump, Hefner (his girlfriends are on the payroll and are therefore “whores”) all celebrities, and all rich men that do not pay for escorts still have women involved in their lives that benefit from them financially, so even though it is not as direct, they are still paying for sex, which makes these girls whores. Why should the “hot” guys or the rich guys or famous guys (who are all rich for the most part) get the best access to women (who again are primarily attracted to them for their money or the guys use bribes indirectly — think yacht rides, trips to cool places, etc. when a man can get a hot woman for $220/hr or $150/ 30 minutes in-call?In order to have a women on an 8-10 point scale, a man can be a famous pua, be super rich, be a famous athlete, musician, actor, or have outstanding genetics, or a man can just pay a small fee. I am not saying it is moral or whether or not I accept it, but it is rational. I like Canada's laws regarding prostitution. Basically as long as it's out of site it's okay with law enforcement, & the women must be legal aged & not slaves, & pimping is illegal. 

steve hsu said...

What I find amusing about SA is that it forces reflexively moralistic people to think through the whole continuum between traditional marriage and $150/30min. Most of them probably did not understand beforehand that it was a continuum and how hard it is to draw the dividing line.

Yan Shen said...

Apparently David Flory isn't the only physicist who's had a keen interest in sex. ;)


Even Albert Einstein, one of the most famous scientists of all time,
was renowned for his extra-marital ‘experiments’. During his two
marriages, Einstein had many affairs. One quote, from Einstein, on the
subject of marriage was;
“Marriage is the unsuccessful attempt to make something lasting out of an incident.” Einstein must have believed that. He married his first wife Mileva
after finding out that he had made her pregnant – even if he had wanted
to make something lasting out of ‘that’ incident, it
didn’t last long. Einstein divorced Mileva after he had started an
affair with his cousin Elsa, who went on to become wife number two. The
second marriage may have lasted until the death of Elsa but throughout,
Einstein continued to have many affairs with other women.
Albert Einstein is not the only famous scientist to be somewhat of a
womaniser. Austrian physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Erwin Schrodinger,
may be the man behind the equation at the heart of quantum theory but
his other interest was sex. Biographer Walter Moore stated that
Schrodinger was “devoted to it as the principal non-scientific
occupation of his life.” Schrodinger had embarked on many affairs by the time he had to escape
the Nazis in 1933. He arrived in Dublin at the Institute for Advanced Studies
with his wife, his mistress and one of his many illegitimate children
in tow. Once he had his office sorted out, Schrodinger set about getting
more mistresses. It is claimed that some of Schrodinger’s greatest
discoveries came in between intensive sex sessions with one of his
mistresses – a claim that is often repeated in his diaries.

steve hsu said...

Einstein and fellow Nobelist Otto Stern used to frequent bordellos together. You read it here first.


Sam H said...

I would refer to Flory more as a facilitator rather than a 'pimp.' It does not appear that he lived off the avails of prostitution & supposedly he was not paid at all. The site was just a medium for hobbyists to share information. 

Sam H said...

Elin was to get $20 million if she stayed married to Tiger for 10 years but now they are going to shorten the term of the arrangement and INCREASE the amount she gets.

Sam H said...

Elin was to get $20 million if she stayed married to Tiger for 10 years but they ended up shortening the term of the arrangement and increase the amount she gets. Yes, indeed there is a continuum!

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