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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Eugene from our bedroom deck. In the larger version (click) you can see the UO football stadium across the river from us, about 3 miles away. The Ducks play Ohio State in the Rose Bowl later today.

When I came to Oregon from Yale a decade ago, I also had an offer from Wisconsin. But a visit in April to Madison (gray, snow, yuck) was enough to convince me to follow my instincts and head further west.

This is my son's first attempt at fixed-wing aircraft design :-) He built it all by himself -- I was a little surprised when he showed it to me!

Not to be outdone, my daughter provided this self-portrait:

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Dawg_from_Hell said...

Cool! It's instructive to read how Terence Tao's parents nurtured his gifts:


For the record, Terence's "dumb" brother, Nigel, was an IMO medalist and has an IQ of 180 :)

Funny how approximately a third of the people in that country with an IQ of 180 or above resided in the same house :)

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