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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Red Dawn 2010

This time the invaders are Chinese! In the 1984 original, starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, the US and China were allies and the invaders were Soviet and Cuban troops. ("Wolverines!")

More here, including Chinese reactions. Is this trailer for real? (Looks a bit low budget.)

Obama in Beijing (SNL):


Dave Bacon said...

"Your freedom has been a lie. Liberation is here. We are here to help."

Mariano M. Chouza said...

Is this trailer for real? (Looks a bit low budget.)

Apparently it's not real trailer, as the uploader says:

I made this a couple years ago to test out some new equipment and software...way before the studio was actually remaking it, and figured I'd put it up.

Unknown said...

Yeah right. This war would have both countries in radioactive ashes after about an hour. That makes it a little implausible.

I wonder if China and America have both developed a super-effective missile defense in the movie. That's the only way WWII like combat would come back. If they didn't think of that they shouldve hired me.

Unknown said...

What was with the original, was it set in the time before ICBMs? I cant remember.

Unknown said...

downed US pilot: "We also have 600 million screaming Chinese on our side"

US mujahedeen teenager (wolverine): "But I thought there were 1 billion Chinese?"

pilot: "There was"

Who gets to be the downsized China in the remake? India? Russia? Europe?

Doubt the 2010 version will have the comedy value (intentional or not) that made the first one a cult film.

Gary said...

"This war would have both countries in radioactive ashes after about an hour."

The Chinese would have no reason to destroy the collateral on all the money they've loaned us, and the U.S. Government lacks the will to resist. There would be significant local skirmishes but a "hot war" is unlikely under the current leadership. In fact, the current U.S. leadership might well take the role of a sheriff in a foreclosure case.

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