Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life path integral

I think this web cartoon by Abstruse Goose is hilarious! (Thanks to DB for sending it to me :-)

Who is the artist? I did a quick search and didn't find anything -- is he/she deliberately anonymous (other than the Chinese characters on the upper left)?

For the perplexed: see earlier post path integrals.


Deane said...

Is there a different one needed for women?

Steve Hsu said...

Maybe the genders are not the same on all paths ;-)

Ian Smith said...

This picture suggests an interesting point which all too few are aware of and many cannot understand or believe.

The second law is not the reason for aging.

Aging is not universal in the animal kingdom.

Exactly those animals which never stop growing never age, and those which reach a fixed size do age. It is even true within a single species. The male flounder reaches a fixed size and ages. The female flounder never stops growing and does not age.

By "age" here is meant an inrease in the force of mortality with age. For humans the force of mortality vs. age curve is exponetial after age 30, doubling every 10 years. For crocodiles it is perfectly flat after infancy even in captivity.

Seth said...

Now all we need is a way to tunnel between the many-worlds and choose the life of our dreams!

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