Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life magazine photos

Have a look at this amazing repository of classic photographs at Life.com. Below are a few that came up when I searched under Oppenheimer, von Neumann and Stalingrad. The caption for the bottom photograph is "1st February 1943: German commander of the 6th Army, Field Marshal Friedrich von Paulus (1890 - 1957), surrendering after his troops were besieged at Stalingrad."


Abhinav said...

Take a look at this one, must have been some class.


puolimieli said...

That pic of Field Marshal Paulus surrendering in Stalingrad is a great one. The epitome of defeat. I remember it was in one of my school history books.

His real name was incidentally not von Paulus, but simply Paulus. I don't think he was an aristocrat, unlike many other German commanders. Apparently the Soviets started to present him as a von Paulus to increase his propaganda value. Hitler was reportedly furious at Paulus, he had expected him kill himself rather than surrender.

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