Wednesday, July 16, 2008

War Nerd interview

If you're a fan of the War Nerd, check out this interview on Wisconsin Public Radio.

On hypocrisy:

"I don't live this double life, benefiting from the fact that my house is built on some other tribe's land and then pretending to regret that. I'll always remember having to study Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, and everyone sobbing for the poor Indians, but nobody's gonna give them the land back. I mean, one way or the f*#king other: either you give them the land back, or you admit you're a predator and you eat meat."

Some question whether self-described fat geek Gary Brecher is really the author of the War Nerd column. One theory is that there is no Gary Brecher, and that the column is written by John Dolan a poet, writer and professor who earned a PhD from UC Berkeley. (See Brecher link for the evidence.)

From Brecher entry on Wikipedia:

...On June 25, 2008, the following revelation is made on [2] in the course of a review of the War Nerd book: But the War Nerd is, in fact, neither of those things. He is not even Gary Brecher! Brecher is the creation of John Dolan, a poet, novelist, lecturer in English at the University of Victoria, and The eXile co-editor. That's very exciting news for the War Nerd's regular readers: The columns you've been dissecting and debating for the last six years were written by an English professor who writes poetry!

Brecher is German for "breaker" or "crusher" :-)

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