Thursday, May 15, 2008

Elbow strikes

Somehow my 2.5 year old son Max has learned how to use elbow strikes. When he sits on my lap, or on top of me on my chest (the mounted position, in jiujitsu), he drops perfect strikes using his elbows. No sign that his twin sister has mastered the technique, though :-)

I've tried not to watch ultimate fighting while the kids are around (in fact, mom doesn't allow it), but he must have figured it out somehow. So far his overall jiujitsu is pretty weak, though :-)

Related: David Mamet is a purple belt, and his recent movie Redbelt is about jiujitsu and the fight game!

The real deal: Marcelo Garcia, best pound for pound in the world. Watch this video to see some beautiful jiujitsu! The submissions are all at the end. The beginning and middle are all takedown and position game. At about 2 minutes he smokes my old instructor Renzo Gracie. At 5 minutes in you can see him against heavyweight Ricco Rodriguez, who he taps with an ankle lock.

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