Sunday, December 19, 2004

China tech segmentation

WSJ: Already in China it's possible to detect regional technology centers and competition for workers, similar to the rivalry between Silicon Valley, Boston and Seattle in the U.S.

Southern China's Guangdong province, dominated by the cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, is the center of most TV, stereo and computer assembly. Meanwhile, the city of Suzhou, not far from Shanghai, is home to a lot of notebook PC production, notably many of the operations of Taiwan's giant contract manufacturers.

A group of telecom-equipment makers is based in Hangzhou, which is also along the central coast near Shanghai. The country's biggest homegrown chip maker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International, is farther north in Tianjin, near Beijing, in facilities originally built by Motorola. Meanwhile, both Motorola and Intel are way out in the western city of Chengdu. They're taking advantage of access to engineering universities that for years offered support to the country's military contractors, located there by the government in the belief they would be insulated from attack.

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