Thursday, January 05, 2023

Sahil Lavingia: Founding Gumroad, The Minimalist Entrepreneur, and our AI LLM future — Manifold #27


Sahil Lavingia founded Gumroad at the age of 19 and built it into a leading digital commerce platform. He is the author of The Minimalist Entrepreneur and an investor in early-stage startups. 

Steve and Sahil discuss: 

0:00 Sahil's upbringing and start as an entrepreneur 
9:35 Tech founder at 19 and VC investment from Kleiner-Perkins 
24:15 Backstory of Gumroad 30:30 Crowdfunding Gumroad 
37:09 Experiments with OpenAI LLM, ChatGPT, and the promise of AI 


Sahil's web page 

Ask My Book: interrogate Sahil's book via LLM 

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