Monday, September 05, 2022

Lunar Society (Dwarkesh Patel) Interview


Dwarkesh did a fantastic job with this interview. He read the scientific papers on genomic prediction and his questions are very insightful. Consequently we covered the important material that people are most confused about. 

Don't let the sensationalistic image above deter you -- I highly recommend this podcast!

0:00:00 Intro 
0:00:49 Feynman’s advice on picking up women 
0:12:21 Embryo selection 
0:24:54 Why hasn't natural selection already optimized humans? 
0:34:48 Aging 
0:43:53 First Mover Advantage 
0:54:24 Genomics in dating 
1:01:06 Ancestral populations 
1:08:33 Is this eugenics? 
1:16:34 Tradeoffs to intelligence 
1:25:36 Consumer preferences 
1:30:49 Gwern 
1:35:10 Will parents matter? 
1:46:00 Wordcels and shape rotators 
1:58:04 Bezos and brilliant physicists 
2:10:58 Elite education 

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