Thursday, February 24, 2022

ManifoldOne Podcast Episode #5: Shai Carmi (Hebrew University): Polygenic risk scores & embryo screening


Shai Carmi is Professor of Statistical and Medical Genetics at Hebrew University (Jerusalem). 

Topics and links: 

1. Shai's educational background. From statistical physics and network theory to genomics. 

2. Shai's paper on embryo selection: Schizophrenia risk. Modeling synthetic sibling genomes. Variance among sibs vs general population. RRR vs ARR, family history and elevated polygenic risk. 

3. Response to the ESHG opinion piece on embryo selection. 

4. Pleiotropy, Health Index scores. 

5. Genetic genealogy and DNA forensics. Solving cold cases, Othram, etc.

6. Healthcare in Israel. Application of PRS in adult patients.

ManifoldOne podcast (transcript).

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