Saturday, January 15, 2022

Manifold Returns!

I'm working on the return of Manifold. I just did the first interview yesterday, with James Lee. I'm not sure when it will be released, but soon I hope.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the original show. I received a lot of requests to bring it back over the last 18 months since we went on hiatus. Please make suggestions for guests and show topics!

I'll try to get Dominic Cummings for a long interview. For now, see this great piece in the Guardian about his substack: 

Intoxicating, insidery and infuriating: everything I learned about Dominic Cummings from his £10-a-month blog

Here are the 51 episodes from our first run, with transcripts:

Michigan State University owns the copyright to the old stuff, so we may have to create a new channel and web site. This new project will be entirely mine and I will probably allow comments on the YouTube channel -- we turned those off because the university was/is risk averse about free expression ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I hope to have Corey as a frequent guest on the show, but I will be restarting in solo mode. Here's the first episode where Corey and I introduced ourselves. Very rough around the edges, but still fun for me to listen to again.

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