Wednesday, November 14, 2018

London / DeepMind photos

I've been very lucky with the London weather on this trip -- in the 50s and sunny.

These were taken from the roof terrace of the Google building that houses DeepMind:

These are from the nearby area: St. Pancras, Granary Square, in King's Cross.

More photos from the area.

Photos below from The Economist (also rooftop views of London, but not as posh as GOOG) and BBC visits.

This Economist article on Genomic Prediction has been in waiting for weeks, to appear in The World in 2019 special issue. I spent a couple hours briefing their science team on what is coming in AI and genomics -- I would guess there will be more coverage of polygenic scores and health care in the future.

See also this New Scientist article on GP.

2019 may be the Year of the Designer Baby, if journos are to be believed ;-)  Of course, this is sensationalism. It is more accurate to say that 2019 will see the first deployment of advanced genetic tests which can be used to screen against complex disease and health risks. Already today ~1 million IVF embryos per year are screened worldwide using less sophisticated genetic tests for single gene disease mutations and chromosomal abnormality.

The Economist:
In 2019, ... those with the cash to do so will have an opportunity to give their offspring a greater chance of living a long and healthy life.

"Expert" opinion seems to have evolved as follows:
1. Of course babies can't be "designed" because genes don't really affect anything -- we're all products of our environment!

2. Gulp, even if genes do affect things it's much too complicated to ever figure out!

3. Anyone who wants to use this technology (hmm... it works) needs to tread carefully, and to seriously consider the ethical issues.

Only point 3 is actually correct, although there are still plenty of people who believe 1 and 2   :-(
BBC wanted me for their Radio 4 Today show. I went in and recorded some clips, but the broadcast may be delayed due to all the Brexit excitement -- Theresa May has finally revealed the proposed EU-UK agreement her administration negotiated. Angry Brexiteer Tory MPs may vote her out. I had a ringside seat to all this thanks to my friend Dominic Cummings!

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