Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bannon Unleashed

[ These embedded clips were annoyingly set to autoplay, so I have removed them. ]

Most of this short segment was edited out of the long interview shown on 60 Minutes (see video below).

Bannon denounces racism and endorses Citizenism. See also The Bannon Channel.

Paraphrasing slightly:
Economic nationalism inclusive of all races, religions, and sexual preferences -- as long as you're a citizen of our country.

The smart Democrats are trying to get the identity politics out of the party. The winning strategy will be populism -- the only question is whether it will be a left-wing populism or right-wing populism. We'll see in 2020.
This is the longer interview, with no quarter given to a dumbfounded Charlie Rose:

[ Clip removed ]

This is a 1 hour video that aired on PBS. There are amazing details about the 2016 campaign from Bannon the deep insider. If you followed the election closely you will be very interested in this interview. (In case this video is taken down you might find the content here.)

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