Sunday, May 25, 2014

Isabel and the dwarf king

This is an old story I told the kids.

One day Max and Isabel were hiking in the mountains and came upon a cave.

Exploring in the gloom, they found a giant cavern, filled by a pile of gold and jewels. Atop the pile was a huge throne. On that throne sat the dwarf king.

Who dares enter my throne room? asked the dwarf king.

My name is Isabel and this is my brother Max.

You sure have a lot of gold, said Max.

Yes, said the dwarf king with a gleam in his eye. I am the richest in the world!

What use are riches in this dark cave? asked Max.

What?!? I am the richest in the world!!

Oh dwarf king, said Isabel, no hoard of gold is worth even a single flower, growing in the summer sun.

Years later, after the dragon came and burned all the king's kinsmen, Isabel wondered what had become of him ...

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