Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hollywood Hills

I'm not a materialistic guy, but I do like modern architecture. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw this photo in Dwell. The house is in the Hollywood Hills and the view is of downtown LA.


Andrew Selvarasa said...

That really is beautiful. I sometimes wake up melancholy from lucid dreams of living in that area (or Tokyo), in a home like that, with a view like that. Without a doubt, it's a Mega Ultra Hyper Supreme-caliber First World "problem", but still, it would be nice to have money. :)

BobSykes said...

I see you and raise one Skyline Residence.

Hacienda said...

That's a view of Century City, not downtown Los Angeles. Taken from somewhere near Griffith Park Observatory or the Hollywood Hills neighborhood. Nice area with lots of houses with similar views.

Also taken on a clear day. The smog usually makes LA look listless, if not filthy.

stevesailer said...

Not much smog anymore.

stevesailer said...

The problem with living in the hills is that it's hard to walk or bike anywhere to do your errands. You are stuck living on a narrow winding road that's barely safe for cars.

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