Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Larry's rules

I recommend this long article about Larry Page and the evolution of his role at Google.

Here are Larry's management rules (more suitable, perhaps, for a startup than to a larger, mature organization):
Don't delegate: Do everything you can yourself to make things go faster.

Don't get in the way if you're not adding value. Let the people actually doing the work talk to each other while you go do something else.

Don't be a bureaucrat.

Ideas are more important than age. Just because someone is junior doesn't mean they don't deserve respect and cooperation.

The worst thing you can do is stop someone from doing something by saying, “No. Period.” If you say no, you have to help them find a better way to get it done.


Ken Condon said...

Stop.---- All of those who cast asparagus on The Chinaman Jeremy Lin should reconsider!

James Hedman said...

That article was barely coherent although I'm not surprised that someone who helped the Chinese Communists censor the internet (sort of) wants everyone to have a brain implant controlled by Google. That article would have been a lot more enlightening if it had some insight into how Google is collaborating with other big tech firms to lock in employees and hold down wages.

PS - I've got all the Google javascripts on this site blocked from running. I don't turn off Disqus scripts though or you wouldn't be able to benefit from my astute comments.

Ken Condon said...

Nice ads below Prof. Hsu. But do they really love me?

Or are they only after my wallet?

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