Monday, March 24, 2014

Apples and Trees

From Planet Money.

See also US economic mobility data and Not (all) in our genes?


LondonYoung said...

The juicier part of these apples seems to be the x axis. I kinda thought doctors kids tended to be doctors, which would bias their childhood income upward - but no such bias is observed - just a great way for the apple to end up far from the tree. The "first responders" public-sector-union crowd seems to be a great way for the apple to gain distance from the tree as well.

James Hedman said...

Considering that median real wages have stagnated (if not outright declined) in the last two generations I find that scatterplot highly dubious.

chartreuse1737 said...

docs, dents, and surges ( at < 100k can't be right.

hmmm. ly. a candy apple who fell from a monkey puzzle tree.

chartreuse1737 said...

hmmm. ly. a candy apple who fell from a monkey puzzle tree.

Samwilsono2 said...

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Kennon Gilson said...

Yet another shocking study showing the most brilliant in law and finance stay that way or at worst become professionals and scholars, the low-IQ stay that way, and those held back in one generation go forward into the next via e.g. business and the professions. Who knew?

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