Thursday, March 06, 2014

Satoshi Nakamoto is ... Satoshi Nakamoto!

Newsweek breaks the story! This man has hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoins :-)

The original proposal. I once did some modest internet sleuthing to figure out who "Satoshi Nakamoto" really was, but to no avail.

As usual, like the guy behind the World Wide Web (Berners-Lee), discovery of DNA structure (Crick), laser (Townes), atomic bomb, transistor (Shockley), electronic computer (Atanasoff et al.), etc., etc., Nakamoto is a ...
"You want to know about my amazing physicist brother?" says Arthur Nakamoto, Satoshi Nakamoto's youngest sibling, who works as director of quality assurance at Wavestream Corp., a maker of radio frequency amplifiers in San Dimas, Calif.

"He's a brilliant man. I'm just a humble engineer. He's very focused and eclectic in his way of thinking. Smart, intelligent, mathematics, engineering, computers. You name it, he can do it."

... Just after graduating college, Nakamoto went to work on defense and electronics communications for Hughes Aircraft in southern California. "That was just the beginning," says Arthur, who also worked at Hughes. "He is the only person I have ever known to show up for a job interview and tell the interviewer he's an idiot - and then prove it."
See also Prometheus in the basement.

UPDATE: Maybe it's not him ...


Cornelius said...

Leaving physics for business was probably the best career decision I ever made.

Studying physics was the best academic decision I ever made.

ESRogs said...

FYI: real SN's p2pfoundation account (last activity in 2009) denies being Dorian: P2pfoundation is currently attempting to verify that the account has not been compromised:

Btw, for ongoing questions of unverified fact, (in the absence of functioning prediction markets) check out PreditionBook (e.g. ). In particular, pay attention to Gwern, his track record is very impressive ( ).

DK said...

More on Nick Szabo: Satoshi posted a total 18 messages to Usenet in 2008 (gmane.comp.encryption.general - On

November 11, 2008, Hal Finney (another guy named as potential "Satoshi") replied citing Szabo's blog post on his "Bit gold" idea, the closest pre-Bitcoin thing in existence.
The URL still point to the correct post ( but it is dated December 27, 2008. Did Hal travel into the future or did Nick
really backdate his blog post? Also noteworthy that Satoshi, replying to Hal, commented extensively on all points except that he completely ignored the reference and
the mention of "bit gold". One would have thought that for a guy who cited a more distant work by Wei Dai, a more reasonable reaction would be "damn, I should have
being aware of it and cited Nick in my paper!"

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