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Friday, February 07, 2014

The Presidents

President Obama toured the Michigan Biotechnology Institute today before signing the Farm Bill on the MSU campus. I'll post a photo of us together when I get it from the White House photographer.

I had a brief chat with the soldier carrying the football, and discussed Crossfit with the secret service guys. Favorite film: To Live and Die in LA :-)

MSU President Simon: Steve's a physicist who also knows genomics. He's doing great things here.

President Obama: He looks like someone who can do great things!


DK said...

What is pressure cooker doing there next to Obama?
Perhaps you can advise someone from MBI to remove the picture of left-handed DNA from its home page.

Peter Connor said...

I'll bet Obama wasn't familiar with your lecture on the heritability of human intelligence!

BobSykes said...

OK, now the Secret Service knows who you are. You are toast.

Magus Janus said...

you should have asked him his SAT score while you had the chance.

James Hedman said...

If he can do great things (like close Guantanamo prison, implement universal healthcare, get out of Afghanistan) then why are we still waiting after five years?

David Brahm said...

Photo caption: "What happens if I press this button?"

martae said...

Did any of der Fuhrer's corruption rub off? Been temped to invade Syria, or randomly spy on citizens?

disqus_yeZNegncsV said...

What executive order will he sign next? One un-funding--or outright banning-- work that might lead to results he doesn't like? Funny how a guy who often claims to have "studied the Constitution" doesn't seem to understand that the document he claims to respect resulted in its form because its framers expected, yea, *wanted* conflict among the branches, even wanted that within 2/3rds of those 3 parts, and expected the executive to be the least powerful for good reason. I sincerely hope that one day, Steve, your pic of you and him needn't turn out to be something you will tear up or put under lock and key for good reason, but it ain't lookin' good.

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