Monday, January 06, 2014

There and back again

A day at the beach.

Obligatory selfie.

The kids caught two lizards in the backyard -- "Larry" and "Barry" :-)

Rose Bowl victory for MSU.

The scene at Detroit airport  :-(

I have a lot more photos but the wife has decreed that family photos are not to appear online.

PS I would have preferred to stay at home and work but other forces prevailed.


stevesailer said...

Isn't Pismo great? Did you take the kids to the sand dunes? Have the clams come back? In 1968 you could just stick your hand in the wet sand under the surf and pull up a a Pismo clam (by the way, A. Pismo Clam is the name of the drunken movie director in the 1940 W.C. Fields movie set in nearby Lompoc, "The Bank Dick"). But the last time I was there in the 1990s, I couldn't find many.

stevesailer said...

The wildest thing to see on the Central Coast is the elephant seal beach every winter near Hearst Castle -- about a mile of beach is fin to fin giant sea beasts up to 20 feet long. Don't go down on the beach, though, because the males will think you are there to steal their harems. Of course, they can only charge about 20 feet before they are winded.

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