Thursday, September 12, 2013

So long, Voyager!

Voyager 1 has left the solar system -- the first space probe from Earth to do so. Like other US deep space probes, it was made at Caltech's JPL, and carries with it the secret message: DEI or "Dabney Eats It"  :-)

They say DEI was written on the moon by Caltech alumnus and astronaut Harrison Schmitt (the twelfth and last man to walk on the moon), but I don't know whether this is true.


Diogenes said...

There is no greater tell than identifying with one's school and letting others know that one so identifies. No greater tell that one is a parvenu at best.

steve hsu said...

I actually didn't like UG at Caltech that much (mainly, no girls) and would have transferred somewhere wimpy like Stanford or Princeton had I not been able to graduate in 3 years.

Yes, as you can tell from the blog I'm a big Caltech booster. That's because I believe in the mission.

"Isn't it right that a country the size of the United States should be able to afford one university in which intellectual achievement is the most important consideration?"

Michael Bacon said...

Voyager is no longer in the house!!!

BobSykes said...

Right on! There used to be several. CCNY and Rice come to mind. But nearly all schools today are low quality girls finishing schools. Graduates of Nineteenth Century girls finishing schools could speak French, play the piano or harp, sketch and paint, knit sew and do needle point, manage a household, raise kids, put on dinner parties and were polite. Can any grrl do that today? Any Harvard Harpie?

oregonlocal said...

The Voyagers will not have left the solar system until they pass beyond the Oort Cloud. This fall's comet will only bring that point home in a visual fashion.

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