Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brain, Mind and Evolution

Some slides for opening remarks at an MSU workshop tomorrow. Click for larger version.


SethTS said...

Steve, Are you familiar with Numenta? Jeff Hawkins would approve of your emphasis on reverse-engineering the brain.

steve hsu said...

I've heard a couple of Hawkins' talks and tend to share some of his views on AI. IIRC, Numenta's technology is a brain architecture inspired neural net algorithm.

SethTS said...

You know, I would really love to see a conversation between Jeff Hawkins and Daniel Dennett on stage at MSU. Maybe one or two others neuroscience types to round it out as a 'panel discussion' or something. But it's those two I'm fixated on. I don't know that they've ever met or spoken to each other. Call it "Innovation at MSU" or something, invent some related topics and make a series of it. Seems like something you could really get done if you set your mind to it.

steve hsu said...

I like Dennett but was underwhelmed by Consciousness Explained when I read it many years ago. Still, the conversation you ask for would be interesting.

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