Thursday, September 08, 2011

In transit: HK

Sunrise over China.

Red Carpet Club, HK airport.

I've never liked HK, but the infrastructure here is first rate.


reservoir_dogs said...

What don't you like about Hong Kong?

steve hsu said...

I hate the sound of Cantonese, and I find the HK culture hyper-materialistic and shallow. It's also too hot and humid in the summer.

Al_Li said...

So as a corollary you don't like Shenzhen either. If you speak Mandarin in Shenzhen people think you are not native. Taiwan is hot and humid in the summer also. I guess you don't like Ferrari. After a Ferrari crash the HK newspaper next day will report the crash plus a run down of the pedigree of the car. I lost interest in going to the mall after returning to the US after seeing people lining up at Gucci, LV and Dior shops around Xmas time in HK. It's like visiting a Toyota dealer after visiting a Ferrari dealer. The mall in the US is a child's play. 

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