Wednesday, September 07, 2011

BGI photos

I've now lost track of how many times I've been here.

$10 million in sequencing machines in this room ($500k Illumina HiSeqs). But I think they're just for training. There are a hundred more at the HK lab.

An old poster. Monitor Group report whose cover is depicted.

Amusing signage (if you can read Chinese). Note the Gattaca background.

Shooting interviews for the documentary on our research project.

The dreaded baijiu. This brand is called "Red Star"!


steve hsu said...

I can't read Chinese either. Someone explained to me what the sign says -- something like "Noodle Room". It's not a joke, but rather a place in the cafeteria where you get noodles and dumplings. The contrast with the high tech Gattaca background seemed strange to me.

Dima Klenchin said...

The "DNA" on the cover seems to be left-handed.

Albert Magnus said...

Referring to the "pursuit of science" as allowing "the country to build an intellectual property portfolio" is very Chinese in its honesty.

Al_Li said...

The alcohol is 56 proof. 
The noodle room sounds very clinical. It doesn't invoke any romantic feeling about noodle.

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