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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jersey Shore meets Korea town

Is this on TV yet? I'm not in the US and I don't watch much TV so I don't know...

While you are waiting you can check out K-Town Cowboys on YouTube.


KenC said...

Professor Hsu:

Korean bars were notorious where I was raised (Arirang’s comes to mind) as a young man. And perhaps (although I never checked ID) some of the “actresses" were of Chinese descent. The horror!

 There was a gal at one of the bars that could squat down, pick up a tent folded Federal Reserve bill (may have even been a Silver Certificate back then ), move it to the side and drop it, then proceed to deliver “change”. Not only that--she could then shoot a shelled hard boiled egg two meters into a cup for a three pointer. That was talent indeed.

This is all hearsay BTW. I disavow all knowledge-- having never witnessed such an event.

Physics combined with biology.

I wonder where that gal is now? Not to mention the owners of that long shuttered bar.

athelas314 said...

 Wonder if this will help fulfill the "Paper Tigers" author's dream.

Yan Shen said...

Interesting videos. Perhaps some of those Koreans are uh avid Starcraft 2 players.

pzed said...

 No, it's not out yet. K-town has been picked up but there's been no information by what distributor or when it will be broadcast.

Al_Li said...

It's one of those internet soap opera, not going to be  shown on TV. My investment banker's model wife starred in one of the web based soap opera also.

steve hsu said...

You have an investment banker? :-) 

David Coughlin said...

The brother of a friend of mine was an attorney at CSFB in Seoul.  Then he moved into actual wheeling and dealing.  My friend was surprised about how much goes at the bar, after work and before the bankers go home to their wives.

Konstantine Sentischev said...

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