Monday, October 18, 2010

BGI photos

Below are some photos from my first day at BGI Shenzhen. They are actually located in Dameisha, a small beach town over the mountains from the main part of Shenzhen. [Correction: I later learned that while our hotel is in Dameisha, BGI is in Yantian, just over a smaller mountain from Dameisha. You can see the tunnel in one of the pictures below.] BGI has been undergoing hypergrowth in the last year, with the number of software developers shooting from 200 to about 1000, and the total staff population nearing 5000. They recently took over a second building in Dameisha and are already running out of space.

These were taken from our hotel, about a kilometer from the ocean.

From BGI you can see the major shipping port at Yantian.

These gentlemen are standing next to crates of recently delivered Illumina sequencing machines.

These are stuffed cloned pigs (another BGI project).

The BGI building.

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