Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring break travel

Instead of hitting the beach next week during spring break I'll be visiting Fermilab and Vanderbilt University to give the following talks. No fair peeking if you are from one of those institutions!

Fermilab Theoretical Astrophysics Group: Curved space, monsters and black hole entropy

Vanderbilt University physics colloquium: Black holes, information and entropy

And a bonus talk on the financial crisis.

Los Geeks de la Playa

Below is an old spring break photo from back in the day -- Cozumel when it was a sleepy little island. In the picture are 3 Caltech grads, 3 MIT PhDs (two in theoretical astrophysics, one in plasma physics), 1 former quant (now back in academia), a managing director still on the Street and a developer of fMRI imaging software. No, none of us are gay -- that's just spring break giddiness you're looking at :-) The guy on the far left ate the worm. The geekiest guy of all didn't show up -- he went to the APS meeting or something at the last minute, I can't recall exactly. I think we were listening to La Isla Bonita the whole time! (Recent covers.)


DB said...

A quant who went back to academia? I thought that was only a myth!

Steve Hsu said...

I actually know 3 guys who have been "there and back" again!

P - F - P - F

P - F - BI - F

P - F - P - F - P

P = physics, F = finance, BI = bioinformatics!

Of course, the overwhelmingly dominant path is the simple one:

P - F

CW said...

Of course, the overwhelmingly dominant path is the simple one: P - F

Yeah. Sort of like joining Napoleon's army shortly before the invasion of Russia. ☺

Steve Hsu said...

Timing is everything, my boy!

Ian Smith said...

"No, none of us are gay"

yet one of you loves UFC.

Steve Hsu said...

Jiujitsu: it's only gay if you make eye contact!

But I didn't know UFC / MMA had a big gay following.

Unknown said...

What is your combined IQ?

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