Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My first podcast

Recorded at Network World headquarters outside Boston. We got it done in one take!

A new approach to fighting malware

A recent Geek Squad report says that 78 percent of its consumer revenue comes from cleaning up malware on customer computers. What can companies do to better protect themselves and their users? Stephen Hsu, co-founder of Robot Genius, sits down with Network World's Jason Meserve to discuss his company's new approach to finding and tracking malware before it finds you. (8:26)

In related news, I'm off to Foo Camp in June (photos from last year). I'll post a report on this bellwether of the geek zeitgeist. Will I be the only physicist there?

Oops! My memory is awful. This wasn't my first podcast -- I did one on wormholes here. I guess there are probably more that I've also forgotten about. Here is one from Seed magazine about Message in the Sky.


Anonymous said...

When will the media finally wake up to this great story about the man who solves the problem of Malware by day and the mysteries of the universe by night (or is it the other way around 8-) ?

Steve Hsu said...

Someone please let the NYTimes know! 8-)

Fraser Cain said...

So now it's only fair, you have to have me as a guest on your podcast.

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