Saturday, April 08, 2006

More podcasts

Some more podcast recommendations, all available here. Thanks to the podcast, I never get bored while running anymore. I listened to Suketu Mehta's wonderful talk while on a hotel treadmill, usually the most mind numbing of exercise venues!

You can access these as streams, if you don't have an ipod.

East Meets West

Oded Shenkar, Author, "The Chinese Century" -- The US has the largest, most robust, and most flexible economy in the world, but within twenty years, China will likely surpass the US in at least one of those. In this presentation from PopTech! 2005, Oded Shekar, the Ford Motor Company Chair in Global Business Management at Ohio State University and author of the book The Chinese Century, outlines China's rise and what it might mean for the US in the coming years.


Suketu Mehta, Author, "Maximum City" -- Award winning writer Suketu Mehta tells us that his home town of Bombay and other mega-cities foreshadow the future. Bombay juxtaposes hopeless poverty, crowding, and inequity with riches and a vitality that draws a flood of young immigrants from rural villages. Although Mehta paints a grim picture, he sees hope in the exercise of democracy by the poor and a culture where people help each other while expecting little from their government.

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