Friday, April 28, 2006

Information blackout

Wow, I think I just went an entire week without posting anything. In the last week I've been down to Robot Genius world headquarters (with a stop on Sand Hill road for some meetings), changed a million diapers, covered for a colleague in undergrad QM (four lectures on scattering theory), almost finished a physics paper (I'll post something here when it's ready), given a talk on entrepreneurism at the UO Lundquist School of Business, and next week I'm giving a physics colloquium at U Kansas. Did I mention I changed a lot of diapers? Boy am I tired...

I heard the following story about Sabeer Bhatia, Caltech grad and founder of Hotmail. Apparently Sabeer was seeking funding for another startup idea, got turned down, and as he was leaving the office the VC said something like "Gee, you're a smart guy, Sabeer, do you have any other ideas?" Sabeer replied that he really wished he could check his email via a simple Web interface so he didn't have to wait until he got home. Thus Hotmail, a $400M Microsoft acquisition was born.

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Lee Herald said...

Hi Steve,

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Lee Herald

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