Tuesday, October 25, 2005

One year anniversary

Wow! My blog is one year old now. The first post was 10/24/04, on revealed preferences and college rankings, and there have been 319 posts since then.

Some recurring topics?

globalization: China, India, US competitiveness, Bretton Woods II

finance: derivatives, volatility, equity risk premium, CDOs, bounded cognition, hedge funds, housing bubble

startups and Silicon Valley
my research in theoretical physics
science as a (bad) career choice
artificial intelligence
race and genetics
internet security

You can find posts on each topic using Google and the additional search term site:infoproc.blogspot.com. For example, here are all the places on my blog where the term singularity appears.

A list of pages that link to this blog.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and a big Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steve!

I read quite a few blogs(mostly the usual popular ones), but especially enjoy yours because of the breadth of the topics you cover and depth with which you cover them. I also appreciate the intellectual honesty on the topics you cover that may be 'non-PC'.

I do not know how you manage to do that AND do particle theory, teach, open start-ups, and be so well-informed; it won't be easy to outsource you :) Often, I find that the topics you discuss lead me to think about things I had never thought about or considered(or was even aware of). If I had to pick, I enjoy your posts on globalization the most. But I enjoyed other posts(like the one on free will, economics of happiness).

Don't judge the impact of the posts by the number of responses. Often, at least I am just lurking around, and do not just want to say AMEN (or post too often). So keep 'em coming.

Congratulations again and all the best!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, infoproc! It's my favorite blog (though www.overheardinnewyork.com is often funnier :-) I'm also amazed by Steve's ability to multitask.

Anonymous said...

steve -- great blog. I too am interested in china, bretton woods 2, credit derivatives/ aspects of quantitative finance and the economics of science, so it has been a great pleasure to discover someone whose interestst overlap as much. your points on the perpetual oversupply of ph.d.s in physics and chemistry ring true, at least judged by the going market price for post docs. I suspect my father (a physical chemist) agrees ... i have to confess tho that i gave up on physics too quickly to get most of your physics posts, but they still give me a small window into a world that i would not otherwise have access to. thanks

brad setser

Mover Mike said...

Congratulations on one year. I look forward to your postings in your 2nd year.
Mover Mike

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