Monday, October 24, 2005

Google print

For anyone who hasn't played with this new tool, I highly recommend it. It is a shame that publishers are suing to prevent the further scanning of books into Google's database.

Try the following search:

"ellsberg plumbers"

Which brings up (third result) The Columbia Guide to America in the 1960s, edited by David R Farber, Beth L Bailey:

The first major episode in what came to be called the Watergate scandals occurred in July 1971. At Nixon's orders, White House aides had formed a secret group called the Plumbers, to plug all leaks of secret information from the executive branch.

The Plumbers' first target was Daniel Ellsberg. A former Pentagon consultant, Ellsberg had inspired Nixon's wrath by leaking a secret government report on the Vietnam war, dubbed the "Pentagon Papers," to the New York Times. These documents revealed that the U.S. government had continuously misled Congress and the American people about the course of the war... in hopes of destroying Ellsberg's credibility, the Plumbers broke into his psychiatrist's office, looking for embarassing personal records.

Next, I recommend the key words "perjury obstruction conspiracy watergate".

Finally, search using "ecclesiastes new sun" to find that there is nothing new under the sun :-)


Anonymous said...

I am baffled by the lawsuit.

Google Scholar is very good, though Scirus is better(nice way of exporting bibliographies to Bibtex via RIS; I know SPIRES does that for particle theory).

Thought this might interest you:

Cisco in India

New Delhi: The US-based communications networking major Cisco Systems Inc today announced an investment of over US$ 1 billion in India. The investment, to be spread over three years, is the largest to be made by the company outside US.

Announcing investment plans, Mr John Chambers, President and CEO, Cisco Systems Inc, said, "Through the wisdom of its government leaders and the entrepreneurship of its private sector, India has risen to become a major force in the global economy.

"Cisco believes that the Internet, and related technologies, will be a key enabler for India to achieve its goal of becoming a developed nation. Cisco in India is truly a global success story."

Cisco plans to ramp up its workforce in India to over 4,000 employees from its existing strength of 1,400.

The three-year investment plan includes $750 million for research and development, $150 million towards providing leasing and financial solutions to Cisco's partners, $150 million in venture capital to invest in Indian start up companies and another $100 million in customer support operations.

Cisco will also set up a Next Generation Network lab for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd in Chennai for $10 million. This will be the first such lab in the Asia Pacific region.

Of the total investment, Cisco has earmarked $750 million for R&D activities. The company has also entered into an agreement with the Government to support India's national e-governance plan.


Steve Hsu said...


I saw that article too. Usually when they announce things like this there is a big number ($1B here), but spread over a long time (e.g., 5-10 years), so you never know if it will all be spent, etc. In this case, they plan on spending the money over 3 years, so they must be very serious.

I have no doubt they can find good engineers in India who will add value to their products.

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