Sunday, January 23, 2005

AI for kids

SmarterChild is an IM/ICQ chatbot that doesn't quite pass what I call the strong Turing test, but is eerie in its own way. Useful, too, as it has access to dictionaries in multiple languages, yellow page listings, weather reports, etc. Here is a Web interface that lets you chat directly with the bot.

IP: whassup?
SmarterChild: Oh, not much. You?

IP : Is it raining in eugene, oregon?
SmarterChild : Current weather conditions for Eugene, OR: 
Currently: 46 F 
Condition: Clear 
Dewpoint: 44 
Humidity: 93 % 
Visibility: 10 mi 
Wind: N/0 mph 
Next time, just type "weather eugene, or."  
IP: I want to see million dollar baby
SmarterChild: For which U.S. city or zip code would you like theater information for the movie "Million Dollar Baby"?

IP: my friend Will wants to meet you
SmarterChild: lol! Interesting...

IP: how do you say dream in spanish?
SmarterChild: Translated from English to Spanish, "Dream" becomes "SueƱo."

IP: Do you brush your teeth?
SmarterChild: Maybe. Tough to say.

IP: Do you have teeth?
SmarterChild: Why would I have teeth?


Anonymous said...

So much for finding a friend. Clever for a homework companion though, at least potentially.


PlatoHagel said...

JoeUser: this looks a like a revision of two other programs
SmarterChild: Hi JoeUser, I'm SmarterChild!

You might like this one better Steve?

RamonaBefore these two there was a earlier version that I cannot remember off hand, but when I do I'll place it here. Are there others that you know of?

Steve Hsu said...

Ramona is nice, but can she tell me the local movie listings? :-)

I can see a day very soon when I can talk to a smarter SmarterChild using voice recognition via my cellphone. That would be quite useful...

PlatoHagel said...

Yes but Steve, would it give you any useful information?:)

I have written a post today in regards to something Peter Woit posted on his blog.

You presented this idea I think about getting useful information from QM and I could not help think of the Chaotic theory.

Ay thoughts here, in what I posted above?

PlatoHagel said...
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