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Thursday, May 22, 2014


This would be pretty deadly mounted on a drone...


dxie48 said...

Since cats like to play with laser spot, guard lions could be trained to ...

dxie48 said...

That can be defended with this, which is concealed and passive.
"laser source location technique"

Similar system in operation,

If it is couple to that system, ...

Pat Boyle said...

I don't think this gun makes much sense mounted on a drone. The gun part of this gun must be held steady and that would not be easy on a flying platform. With very little effort and expense you could devise a much better pig killing drone. A standard M67 grenade weighs 14 ounces. (I looked it up). Many recreational drones can easily carry one or two. They sell such drones at my local seven eleven for $30. Slightly more expensive ones can be mounted with a tiny camera which transmit to you iPad or Android tablet. So one could hunt pigs from a thousand yards away by just flying over a group of them and dropping some grenades. You should be able to kill a couple every time.
Drones are good platforms for scatter weapons but not point weapons. Or at least that's my thinking.
I didn't see this device coming. But I should have. It was inevitable. However I don't think this device will find a market. Almost all Americans want a gun for home defense. This is obviously not a home defense weapon. They show it used for hunting. But these guys shoot animals from helicopters. They are insensitive to the 'sportsman' dimension. I'm not a hunter but I suspect that most hunters will not see using this device as being 'sporting'. There's a lot of difference between trekking through the woods looking for sign of a deer and nailing it with a 30-30 ( a relatively short range rifle) and sitting on a mountaintop a half mile away and using a Buck Rogers never-miss gizmo. One is being in touch with nature the other is like calling in a air strike.
Right now there are all sorts of restrictions on hunting weapons and techniques for humane reasons. I expect that several states would simply outlaw this kind of rifle for hunting.
It might become popular in the military as a sniper's rifle but the big change on the battlefield is elsewhere. There are now little tracked robots that can mount a light weapon like a battle rifle, assault rifle, sub-machine gun, or squad level machine gun. These things are remote controlled and one soldier from cover can handle a number of them at once. The F/A 22 fighter is often called the last jet that will be flown by a human. The next generation will be robots that are not vulnerable to g forces. No human will dare go in the sky against such a device. Similarly no human will soon dare to walk on a battlefield that has robots deployed.

David Coughlin said...

Target discrimination will always be the hard part of this tactic.

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