Thursday, April 18, 2024

Glenn Luk: China’s economic evolution, GDP, and high speed rail — Manifold #58


Glenn Luk has worked as an investment banker, private equity investor, and startup founder. He has closely analyzed aspects of the Chinese economy, including its GDP and high speed rail system. 

Steve and Glenn discuss: 
(00:00) - Introduction 
(01:21) - Glenn Luk's Background: HK, Taiwan, China 
(07:59) - Evolution of Chinese Companies and Economy 
(14:58) - From Banking to Private Equity and Venture Capital 
(23:08) - Founding a Healthcare Startup and Entrepreneurial Ventures 
(26:35) - China's Development and Economic Policies 
(41:17) - Comparing US and China's Economies and Cultures 
(47:12) - Demographics and Consumer Behavior in China 
(49:09) - China's Economy: Beyond GDP 
(56:34) - High Speed Rail: huge success, or white elephant? 
(01:17:26) - Future of China's Economy 

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