Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Awakening Siddhartha (podcast interview)


Really fun conversation! 


00:00 Introduction 
02:21 Steve's Encounter with Richard Feynman 
03:31 Discussion on Genetics and Human Improvement 
11:08 The Role of Genetics in Disease Prediction 
18:10 Understanding the Influence of Genetics on Behaviour 
21:37 The Future of Genetic Selection in Embryos 
39:24 The Role of Genetics in Addiction 
41:53 The Importance of Individual Differences and Success 
46:36 The Value of STEM in Indian Culture 
48:02 The Importance of Non-Academic Skills for Success 
49:01 Exploring the World of Embryo Modification 
51:30 The Quest for Immortality: Brian Johnson's Story 
57:20 The Role of Genetics in Aging 
01:01:19 The Power and Potential of Gene Editing 
01:11:37 The Impact of Genetics on Society and Policy 
01:16:36 Understanding the Rise of China in the Global Stage 
01:53:14 The Future of AI and the Impact on Jobs 
01:58:46 The Future of Human and Machine Intelligence 
02:01:54 The Possibility of Living in a Simulation 

Short excerpts below :-)

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