Saturday, December 16, 2023

Louis-Vincent Gave: Understanding China’s Economy, and U.S. Competition — Manifold #50


Louis-Vincent Gave of Gavekal discusses China's economic growth, its focus on education, and the global implications of its economic and political policies. 

Steve and Louis discuss: 

(00:00) - Early life - Gave as French infantry officer 
(14:42) - Founding Gavekal 
(23:50) - Understanding China economic growth 
(32:57) - China real estate market 
(42:48) - The impact of China’s economic growth 
(48:19) - Comparing the size of the Chinese and U.S. economies 
(01:07:09) - China’s trade surplus and U.S. debt 
(01:18:11) - Will there be a U.S. debt crisis?

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