Thursday, November 30, 2023

Charles Miller: Satellite Technology and the Future of Mobile Connectivity — Manifold #49


Charles Miller is co-founder and CEO of Lynk. He is a serial space entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in the space industry. 

0:00 Introduction and guest background 
1:27 Miller's early passion for space 
3:54 Evolution of commercial space 
6:42 Impact of Elon Musk and SpaceX 
8:01 The challenges of early stage startups 
11:26 The birth of Lynk, its technical challenges, and breakthroughs 
33:11 Use cases for satellite connectivity 
35:20 The plan for Lynk satellites 
36:41 Competition with Starlink 
39:25 Investment opportunities in Lynk 
47:04 Satellite technology and global competition 
50:21 Impact of Huawei’s satellite phone features 
59:01 Advice for entrepreneurs 

Audio-only and Transcript: 

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