Thursday, March 16, 2023

Marc Martinez: "Dream Big" and the Golden Age of Bodybuilding — Manifold #32


Marc Martinez is the director of Dream Big, a documentary about Gold's Gym and the golden age of bodybuilding in Venice and Santa Monica in the 1970s. 

0:00 Introduction 
1:34 Marc's background in bodybuilding 
5:25 Bodybuilding in 70s Southern California 
25:52 Setting the record straight on steroid use 
33:40 Frank Zane 
38:23 Robby Robinson 
40:20 Butler, Gaines, and Arnold 
42:35 'Dream Big' 
48:07 Pumping Iron 
59:40 Hypersexuality in bodybuilding 
1:10:44 What's next for Marc


Dream Big documentary: 

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