Monday, July 13, 2015

Productive Bubbles

These slides are from one of the best sessions I attended at scifoo. Bill Janeway's perspective was both theoretical and historical, but in addition we had Sam Altman of Y Combinator to discuss Airbnb and other examples of 2 way market platforms (Uber, etc.) that may be enjoying speculative bubbles at the moment.

See also Andrew Odlyzko (Caltech '71 ;-) on British railway manias for specific cases of speculative funding of useful infrastructure: herehere and here.


steve loves jewish cock said...
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Cornelius said...

FWIW, the people I know in growth equity attribute the rise of that stage of financing to SarbOx. SarbOx disincentivized going public so much that it no longer makes sense to IPO at the same valuations that firms would IPO at before SarbOx. The costs of IPOing are too high now.

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