Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to build the future

I just bought 10 copies for my team at MSU. More here. The book is based on Thiel's Stanford class CS 183: Startup -- see course notes.

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ben_g said...

Thiel's CS 183 class along with Paul Graham's writings are the best available resources on doing startups.

Steve, in line with Thiel's thinking, one could say that you have a "secret"* when it comes to genomics: that a good deal of the heritability will be mapped out for complex traits like intelligence in the near to medium term future. Aside from investing in the research or the tools involved (e.g. genome sequencer companies), are there other ways that people could profit from knowing this secret?

* "Secrets are unpopular or unconventional truths."

rz said...

Work on a startup that does something useful for people based on sequencing data ala They have a pretty big lead, but you don't have to compete directly. This stuff is bound to have a whole bunch of useful applications and we're in the early stages.

vv111y said...

What do you & your team think of the book so far?

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