Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Loyalty: Ames High School fight song

My high school fight song. Legend says it was written in the counterculture 60's and that some wag managed to slip "comrades at work and at play" into the lyrics under the noses of the school administrators. It's just the kind of thing clever AHS students might attempt :-)

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jwnovelty@gmail.com said...

"Comrades" is not a joke. Central authority and communism is a dangerous ideology with tens of millions laid dead in the last century alone; it is one thing to laugh at one's own misfortune but another thing to laugh and joke about the misfortune of countless millions. Now we stand on a threshold of history where perhaps a huge bulk of people will not be economically necessary to the elite. Given your role as theorist, and your interest in intelligence, this presents you with an interesting personal challenge: will you stand idle or will you stand for justice? Probably more meaning in life for the person who stands for justice.

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