Sunday, April 29, 2012

Higgs events in Erice 1990

In an earlier post I mentioned meeting Peter Higgs at Erice in 1990. An alert reader sent me the picture below, which was taken at the School of Subnuclear Physics in Erice that year. (Click for larger image.)

Seated in the first row are (I think) Dokshitzer, Ferrara, Weisskopf, Zichichi, Higgs (blue socks and sandals), a woman I don't recognize, Glashow, ?? , Ringwald. I am in a maroon shirt sort of behind Glashow.

Digging around in my photo album, I came up with the following scans from that week in Sicily.

On the beach in Trapani, with two French girls we met -- apparently their names were Sandine and Geraldine, but I had forgotten.

The Dirac operator acts on my Berkeley office mate. He's now a quant hedge fund manager.

The view from Erice.


Alexander said...

Damn, I missed this by 8 years! Hey, what about those ruins?

steve hsu said...

Even worse, I missed meeting John Bell by one year -- he was a lecturer at Erice in 1989 and gave his famous talk Against Measurement.

Alex Dannenberg said...

the guy to the right of Vicky Weisskopf is Jack Steinberger, not Zichichi.

steve hsu said...

Perhaps I am mistaken, but Steinberger (who was at the school) might be the guy to the right of Shelly (from our perspective) that I earlier identified as ??

I'm pretty sure the guy with the sweater on his shoulders is Zichichi. 

Alex Dannenberg said...

Wow.  Separated at birth...  You're right - I hadn't looked carefully.  The guy to Shelly's right is Steinberger, as you say.

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