Thursday, April 07, 2011

Forever Young

I found these in my iPhoto collection :-)

Jogging near CERN. No goats were harmed.

With Robert Nozick, back in the day. All of my suits were hand me downs from my brother the management consultant.

Two physicists and a poet, Christmas dinner.

My brother visits the Society of Fellows.

Scene from a wedding, duly noted in the New York Times M&A section. Wellesley and HBS merge with Caltech, MIT and Sloan. (See Bobos in Paradise p.42 :-)

A meal by the Seine.

Les Deux Magots.

Sagres, Portugal. Once thought to be the end of the world :-)

Conil, Espana.

Future bomb boy using IBM XT "portable" to calculate some wavefunctions at 150 S. Chester, Pasadena.

Winter in Iowa -- our back yard.

Best viewed with Forever Young, Jay-Z and Alphaville. Photos and long term memory.


KenC said...

Who are the two redheads? Lord help me!

steve hsu said...

Dos Sevillanas :-)

David Coughlin said...

My dad was in the navy and I spent most of my preteen years in Rota. We went to Conil what feels like 4 or 5 times a summer. I can remember the sign on the other side of Puerto [de Santa Maria] that told you which way Sanlucar was and which way Chiclana was.

I don't remember much about the town of Conil. We would park at the beach and have to walk down 15-20 feet of stairs to get to the sand. The water was cold, not quite Pacific cold but still crisp. The water was very clear but the bottom was covered in darkish rocks and the sky was always a deep blue. The beach was never crowded and frequently we were one of maybe three groups as far as you could see.

It was our ritual, around mid-afternoon, to walk down the beach and tromp up the next set of stairs. There was a, I hesitate to call it this, a concession stand. It was nothing like you would imagine a boardwalk food joint at the beach being. You could get sodas and ice cream. I recall that it seemed like thatch, but now I think it was an decoration. We'd either get Frigo Pies or squeezy-lemon-ices.

I can still see it, touch it, taste it, smell it and hear it, 25+ years later.

David Coughlin said...

This is where I lived from the time I was 8 to the time I was 12:

1001 Malaga

steve hsu said...

My friend (guy on the far left of the group photo; also a Caltecher -- the guy on the far right is an MIT man; both physicists turned financiers) and I met the girls in 1994 while traveling in Portugal (see pictures above). We returned to spend a few weeks with them in Conil in the summer -- they had leased an apartment just off the beach. Every night was discotecas until dawn and then sleep until afternoon and head to the playa -- the Spanish way :-) My friend is now married to one of the girls -- the one dressed in black -- and they live in Manhattan.

I have a picture of us sitting at a thatchy concession stand at sunset -- I wonder if it's the same one?

Nan Chen said...

How'd you meet Nozick and what was he like?

David Coughlin said...

The Spanish Way always makes me laugh. The clock is just a different thing there.

I could probably ping my dad for directions. We occasionally talk about the places we went when we were there and we race to see who can recall the salient details of the route.

steve hsu said...

He was a senior fellow when I was a junior fellow so I saw him almost weekly at the Monday dinner. He was a very open guy, great to talk to. I distinctly remember him describing how anti-semitic Princeton was when he was there. During a conversation with an administrator (a dean or something) he was told "You people are just lucky to be here".

NicolasBourbaki said...

Interesting story. I guess you could add being anti Chinese and Asian as well as we can see from the piece they ran about Jian Li and their possible discriminatory practices in the admissions process.

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